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Julienne Peeler

The julienne peeler is a hand held kitchen utensils which cut vegetables into even and thin strips, the style of which is known as julienne cut. These thin strips of vegetables are usually used for dressing up dishes such as pasta and salads and may also be become a part of cooked dishes such as a stir-fry.

These julienne strips need to be even in size so that they cook in an even manner, without losing their physical appearance. These are the two most important traits of delicious and presentable food, and are widely adopted by professional chefs worldwide.

julienne peelerJulienne Peeler Features

Construction of a julienne peeler is similar to that of a potato peeler. It has a blade which is used to shave off sheets of vegetables evenly.

There are also serrations that cut these sheets into even and small strips. We’ve highlighted the pictures of many different styles of julienne peelers on this site.

The proper way to use a julienne peeler is to drag it evenly across the vegetable, making sure that size of the sheets is uniform.

Foods with thick skin such as carrots need to be peeled before using the julienne peeler. For such vegetables, separate tools are needed for the peeling process.

Uses of the Julienne Slicer

Julienne slices usually are not the focal point of any dish, but because they look too stylish and enhance the look of the foods served, these have become very popular all round the world.

Devices such as mandolins can also be used to cut even sized strips but a julienne peeler is easier and faster to use. This is because the blades of a mandolin are usually very sharp and may be unsafe to use. Julienne strips of vegetables can be used for garnishing on dinner plates, in sushi, in a stir fry, and in soups. You can be your own chef to create different foods through your imagination!

You must have seen perfect vegetable curls in salads through professional chefs, these all are made through a julienne slicer. With some effort and practice, you will also be able to turn the spirals in the vegetables. Other tricks can also be used to create curlicues and spirals other than straight julienne strips.

Julienne Cutter – Purchasing Considerations

Now that you have decided to purchase a julienne cutter to give a professional look to your home-made food, you must make sure that its handle is solid, and it should be easy to be gripped. This will make it easier to use the julienne peeler.

Apart from that, there should also be a safety guard on the blade so that you do not cut your hands while making the strips. Because it has very small parts, it is wise to wash it by hand instead of washing it into a dishwasher. Washing the peeler by hands will also enhance the longevity of the blade because washing it in a dishwasher can dull them.

Popular models of the julienne peeler tools, as well as other vegetable peeler models, include those made by Oxo (Good Grips), Rosle, Zyliss, Pampered Chef, and Kuhn Rikon.

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